July 27, 2015


...are growing wild everywhere along the foothills trail!
sweet or tart. when you plop one in your mouth it's always a surprise.

summer is cruising by. the days are gradually shortening. i can feel myself 
shifting gears...fall is coming soon...and so is halloween!
working on a new piece for the ehag emporium, which opens up again on july 31.
check back for a peek in a few days :)

until then, have a wonderful week! xOx...suz

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By Way of Salem said...

Hi Suz! If I would've stayed living in Washington, we would've been neighbors! I lived right down the road from Orting near Sumner. You HAVE been to Sumner right? Oh my all the cute shops there!! You MUST go if you haven't already. Hope you're loving Washington cause I'm not liking the south! LOL! Jeannine