August 5, 2013

over two months....

wowza, two months, really? since my last post? yikes.
well, i'm not one that likes to make excuses but we have indeed
been busy.
first bit of news...we are now colorado residents!!!
we are now parked in fort collins near the horsetooth
reservoir. super pretty!
hubby started a new job...well, two new jobs, the first didn't
work out but this one seems a better fit! so that's been a little
unnerving to say the least.
working on my if you want
to take a looksy. eventually, i'm moving my blog to the site as
well. just easier for me to everything in one place.
i have been squeezing in time here and there for new shop
all available now...

whew! i think that's all the news in a nutshell!
starting to get into a good groove - yAy!
hope all is well with you guys!
xOx, sUz

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