August 20, 2013

birthday, school, rattlesnakes, and spotty internet....

...can drive this girl completely nutty!
our rv park is in a super great place but still very much
under no dedicated wifi or laundry...yet. sigh.
i'm able, depending on the signal during the day, to us my
hotspot to pop on and check things.
 working on getting elijah enrolled in online public school...
a marriage of homeschooling and traditional school.
we are super excited about it so keep your fingers crossed that
it all comes together.
and the booger will be six on saturday!!!
i'm not even sure how that can be possible. sigh.
 it has been super hot and dry for this guess who
we found hanging out in the rocks right where the ac drips
beside our camper...

yep, a little rattler. apparently, enjoying his new found
waterhole. this is a picture of one we saw on a hike in clear creek canyon
a few weeks ago. the one next to our camper was a little smaller.
and is no longer alive on the planet. one of the guys working saw to that.
i was hoping he was just a bullsnake and i was ready to scoop him up and
relocate him. but he wasn't. sorry little guy.
feeling little bits of fall...and that is a good feeling...
happy last days of summer!

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