December 7, 2012

cHriStMas fRuitcAkes...

hello...hApPy hoLidAy gReetiNgs!
well, i don't know in your household, but in mine, i have a
very excited and rambunctious five year old boy who
CANNOT wait for santa's arrival.
it is enough to wear me out!
those of you that know me and have followed me over the
last five years know that i struggle with mental illness.
well, since my dad's dying six weeks ago, it hasn't
been easy to maintain, to say the least.
my bipolar disorder has reared it's ugly head.
in very terrible ways. extremely irritable. angry.
moping. rapid cycling between mania and depression.
combine this with the unpredicable creature
named "grief" and, well, it's not a pretty combo.
and my poor little fella catches the brunt of it.
so, for a change of pace,  i intentionally set out to
have some fun with him. we painted reindeer tails and
stuck them to our arses. we glued cotton balls to make
a santa beard. made little red noses in celebration of
rudolph. even included daisy lou. and took some fun pictures.
as far as my art, my shop. i do have some pieces coming along.
not sure when they'll be ready. the last few evenings, i have been
enjoying watching "elf" and "christmas vacation".
and going to bed early.
so, i am learning, to savor the little moments of joy this
time of year. and even, most importantly, to create
a few.
xOx, sUz :)

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Leanne E said...

Sending you sunshine and hugs for your weary heart, Suz! I remember how hard it was to have positive energy for my kids some days after coming home from work exhausted--there is nowhere to go and they need you... I hope that you are able to let the magic and the love in. I know that some Christmas music helps me. Not sure if you have heard of Sarah McLachlan, but you might enjoy this song
Hugs xoxoxox