October 1, 2012

hApPy oCtoBer!

to celebrate, eLijAh and i worked on this super
fun halloween camper decoration.
i'm not so sure isaac will be happy to see it
when he pulls in tonight.
i did see a neighbor smile though.

started with a BIG box from a big box store

then cut the big box into big panels.
have lots left over and have already cut out something fun
to papier mache! more on that later.

cut out letters and funky halloween shapes and
spray painted a base coat.

e helped color block the pieces and helped
with the layout.

pieces glued.

FINALLY, was able to hang it.
was glad no one was around to take pictures of that
cluster fiasco.

kickin' back, enjoying the work.
not quite finished though.
working on a little something to fit inside
the spare tire well. maybe tomorrow.
have a great week!
xOx, sUz :)


Jenny said...

How cute and creative. Would love to trick or treat at your house!

Leanne E said...

Love it!!! Glad to see that you are able to enjoy a few of your own goodies :)

sUz said...

thanks jeNny and leAnNe! xOx