September 17, 2012

iN betWeen...

hi everyone!
even though fall hasn't officially arrived it has here!
LOVIN' it to be sure. aahhh.
so busy and not busy.
kind of a weird feeling. maybe the changing of
the seasons and the upcoming holidays.
working on some fun paper clay pieces.
no plans for what exactly they'll end up being but
they make me happy.
another shot of the prize ribbon, STILL working on
that one, a halloween boat,  jack o lantern nightlight,
autumn outhouse nightlight, rusty lidded jar,
and little monster pouch pendant.
AND i have more quarter to half started
pieces. SO i need to start finishing this stuff up!

hope you are well and enjoying the last bit of summer!
we even got a late summer storm...
treated with a full double rainbow, pink sky, and
LOTS of lightening bolts.
pictures cannot even capture this. but i tried.
have a wonderful week!
thanks for stopping by...
xOx, sUz :)

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