August 13, 2012


hApPy mOndAy!

it has been awhile since i last added
anything new to my shop.
rest assured, i have been busy.
not as much as i would like to be though.
our camper ac tanked nearly two weeks ago.
needless to say, it has been HOT.
so my evenings have not been productive, at all.
nothing like sticking to whatever it is
you are working on. blech.
our new ac is on the way, today in fact.
and our kind neighbor has rigged
his old unit to give us cooler air since friday.
yAy for AWESOME neighbors!

anyway, i have a few orders to finish then
i will be working on all the stuff you see

there are owls, various jewelry components, nightlights,
and halloween!

i'll post soon when it looks like i'll be updating the
shop with some of these new treats.
have a GREAT week!
xOx, sUz :)

1 comment:

Leanne E said...

You too Suz! Sending thoughts of cooler evenings your way :)