August 9, 2012

cOwbOy roCket mAn

into august already?!
this summer is flying!!!
eLijAh and i found a project on
pinterest that we knew we had to try.
jet packs!
now, ours did not look as professional
and well done as the tutorial.
however, the hours of joy
this little boy had, well, i cannot even

this is what caught our attention and the link in
case you know someone that may need this too :):):)
could even modify it for a pet costume.
rocket dog.

we decided we wanted the bottles to be black.
we also used a box so he could have a storage compartment.
we printed out some bio hazard, danger, and
cowboy labels.  and improvised on a few things since
we didn't have everything we needed. we are not
exactly patient. but it in his eyes, it was perfect.

xOx, sUz :)

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