July 10, 2012

tUesDay aNd sOme niGhtLiGhts

hello! another hot july day.
has me thinking more about fall so
i finished these two nightlights and just
put them into the shop:

speaking of shop, i have recently undergone a name change!
you may have noticed that in places.
it's part of a process to eventually open my new website:
lots to do before i get there but for the time being i've
changed my etsy shop to
and am slowly bringing over the items from
rUsty peAch and will close it soon.
it really is kinda of a pain but i hope in the next
few months to be up and running.
also working on a cafepress store so you can purchase
my designs on fun products - like shower curtains!!!
more on that as i get that going too.

thanks for stopping by!
xOx, sUz :)

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