June 1, 2012

hApPy jUne!

how in the world is it jUne!?!?!

tomorrow is national fishing day so we're going to
navajo lake/san juan river so my husband can
fly fish!!! it's not my thing but i respect responsible
fishermen and i love being near rivers and creeks.
i've even used some of the fly tying stuff in
my pieces before! so while he's there, i'll be wandering
around looking for rusty bits with eLijAh.

any pre-summer fun for you this weekend?

i also wanted to show you the nightlights i've been working
on the last few nights. hopefully, i'll get these
listed this weekend. hoping by sunday.

and i added this funky halloween bracelet to
the cat, pumpkin and lucky tag are handmade by
me. the embossed copper 13 is an elliement.
you can find these and lots more good stuff


have an AWESOME weekend!
xOx, sUz :)

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