May 20, 2012

we are here!

oh my, well, we have been in new mexico for a month
now!!! sorry for the lack of updates. i can't even begin to
explain how CRAZY it's been here, with jobs, appying to for
jobs, interviews, HORRIBLE internet service at this campground
(DON'T even get me started about this one),
i started another shop, (and i'm STILL thinking about combining everything under just my name) MAJOR truck issues,
camper issues, and just getting settled in general with our new area.
but we are here, for now. and GRATEFUL to be here.
we have taken many desert walks and are soaking up the gorgeous landscapes.
 tonight, we will be treated to the solar eclipse!

to help keep my sanity, i have been working a bit on some new art stuff.
trying to get into the swing of things but with so much in flux, it's been
difficult to get some structure. but, i'll get there. i remind myself last year
at this time i had given up making anything ever again. so, i've come a
long way.

working on a few orders, patriotic pieces, and have a pair of strawberry
earrings ready to be photographed. have made a few paper clay charms and
working on found object pieces. plus, some halloween treats too. lots of
stuff in progress and so many new ideas - can't wait to show you!

have a great rest of the weekend!
big xOx's for sticking with me!
sUz :)


Leanne E said...

So glad you have arrived safely! I hear there is a great artist community there-- hopefully it is a welcoming one :)

sUz said...

thanks leAnNe! been so busy with jobs and getting settled haven't made time to check into it! xOx