May 29, 2012

pOst memOriaL dAy pOst

hope you all had a wonderful weekend!
ours was fun and a reminder of how much good is in our lives.
pinching myself that isAac landed a great job.
and grateful to start getting back into a routine.

we spent some time at riverfest in farmington, nm.
they have a wwII memorial at the park. so i took a minute to say thanks.
my grandfather, a master sergeant in the army, served in europe and
was involved in setting up german prison camps
once the allies started rolling in.

i also had some time to finish a few pieces.
now available at
come on, you knew it wouldn't be too long before
halloween met rusty bits :):):)

and these earrings are available at
should be no surprise that these coordinate
with the pendant above, wink, wink :)
 also, i'm happy to
combine shipping from both my shops!

the internet at this campground is VERY sporadic.
because of it's fading in and out, it's hard to get pictures
loaded. BUT i will do my best to get the rest of the
trip pictures in soon. it just took me over 30 minutes to
get these three pictures in. argh.

thanks for stopping by!
have an AWESOME week!
xOx, sUz :)

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ellie said...

digging that rusty pumpkin!