March 28, 2012

rUsty bitS aNd foUnd oBjeCt fUn

 so my new obsession is finding rusty bits and other interesting
found objects while i walk. this same obsession, uh, passion,
has also become my four year olds too.

 to all you mothers that are concerned about my little
one handling these crusty pointy parts, it's okay. 
and yes he does have age appropriate toys. 
he is the most careful little boy you will ever meet when it comes to
scissors and other tetnus filled items.
he's a virgo (and i am hovering like a hawk).
however, when he handles an
icecream cone it is a totally different story.

here is his found object truck.

i found some cool bits too and am working on some
pieces that incorporate them with my paper designs.

enjoy the rest of the week!
it definitely feels like spring here!
xOx, sUz :)


Leanne E said...

Glad to see both you kids having fun :)

ellie said...

that second photo is STELLAR! i love it.