March 22, 2012

leSs tHan peRfeCt

i am a perfectionist. not proud of it at all really.

what i've learned is that i spend so much time
nit picking my designs and techniques that i miss the
whole point of experiencing the joy that comes from creating.
that even in nature and in people, and in myself, it's those
imperfections that make us unique and beautiful.

now, i realize there has to be some quality
control but i go a bit overboard.
usually, if i make things that are less than perfect
for my critical eye i toss them. that's it.
however, i really love these earrings so much,
 and just because the resin got a bit scuffed and overflowed
just a bit, i feel ike they are still good enough for
someone to love too.

you can find them here, at a really great price.

be sure to celebrate perfectly imperfect you!
xOx, sUz :)

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