February 26, 2012

hApPy sUnDay!

hi everyone!
hope you are enjoying the rest of the weekend!
it's been a wild one weather wise here.
and SO frustrating with sporadic internet problems
aRGh. uGh.
so  i thought while i was up and running i'd make
a quick post.

ghostie and friend is a new brooch in my etsy shop.
and the green goblin is a peek of my newest nightlight
which will be available at 9:00 pm wednesday on
the ehag emporium blog.

i don't know how i can be so busy doing nothing
but that's the case lately. sigh. time just gets away...

have a great week and thanks for stopping by...
xOx, sUz :)

1 comment:

Carolee said...

Love this!! :)

♥ Carolee