February 8, 2012

fLu fiGhters...

hi everyone, hope you all are well!
eLijAh is getting over the flu and
i think hubby and i are trying to get it.
resting a lot and trying to up fluids.
but i'm overly grumpy and that is not a good sign.

i finished a couple of pieces for the shop:

a love skelly and a shamrock brooch.

working on some other stuff too. trying to get my
mind into spring and easter but i keep
thinking halloween!

xOx, sUz :)


ellie said...

boo! and not the good kind. i hope you and your honey are feeling good real soon! sleep and get plenty of rest.

Jennifer DeDonato said...

great job as always! I was thinking of you the other day when I looked at one of my/your birds hanging in my studio.