January 21, 2012

woRk & pLay...

hope you are a having a fabulous weekend no
matter if you are stuck in snow, or in our case rain
and wind.

my husband picked up our friend's kayak and took
eLijAh out for his first trip in one between
rain storms.

he loved it. of course.

he was all smiles. acutally, they both were :)
our campground is a block away from the new river inlet.

 i took a few days off  but i'm back to work.
cutting out nighlights - that's going to be a tuxedo cat,
some earrings, shamrock brooches and a few other things.
in the background you can see part of a beautiful bracelet
my awesome sister sent. i'll get better pictures when
the sun comes out.

as things get finished i'll be listing so stay tuned.

thanks for dropping by...
xOx, sUz :)

1 comment:

ellie said...

oh my...i am already coveting some of the things i see. cute kitty and whatever that is that is in the bottom center!

looks like the boys had a blast! that is so cool. that little elijah smile is something else!