January 11, 2012

the iCks and bLaHs...

hi friends. trying to stay positive but sometimes
the icks and blahs creep in. feeling their effects
today. i try and be grateful for them as they slow me 
down and help make
me aware of something that's not working.
 the only i thing i know how to combat
them is pigging out on sweet and salty treats,
and playing with playdoh with eLijAh.

 i finished up a couple of pieces last night and they
are now in the shop:

hoping you have you a great day even if
your personal icks and blahs make an appearance.
thanks for dropping in...
xOx, sUz :)


ellie said...

down with the icks and blahs. cuddle up with e, a good movie and some hot chocolate and let the healing begin!

Leanne E said...

Hugs to you Suz! Sending you sunshine and a song for your heart :)

Jennifer DeDonato said...

cute heart! I like to watch Pride & P. when I feel the icks and blahs creeping in.