September 20, 2011

sHipPiNg erRors, yiKes!!!

a HUGE thank you to two of my wonderful
international customers - leAnNe and cAroL!
they both have encouraged me to update my
etsy shipping profiles to be more internationally friendly
to potential buyers.
it wasn't that i was intentionally discouraging international sales ( i love ALL my peeps)
i just had a hard time figuring out fair rates.
 but by having folks inquire about shipping it was acutally making it harder
to make a sale.
in the process of including
shipping info for "everywhere else"
i found several other mistakes that would prevent
even domestic buyers from purchasing - yikes!
so that has been corrected too :)

sorry i flaked out in the shipping department folks.

eLijAh and i just finished another papier mache sheet,
working in some paper clay, and have ideas for incorporating
found objects into pieces.
more halloween is coming - hOorAy!

sUz :)


1 comment:

Leanne E said...

I am so happy to hear that you are making more international sales! Thanks so much for your great art :)