September 1, 2011

hApPy sePteMber!!!

there has been a distinct change in the air,
ah, fall is coming!!!
it was 59 degrees at 6:30am :)

stopping by to share with you my offerings for
that will happen (if all goes well with blogger)
early this afternoon - hOorAy!

you can find the kitty ghost nightlight here,
and the little black cat ornie here.
be sure to visit all the queens' spots - lots of
AWESOME stuff coming your way!

thanks for coming by!
sUz :)


juliehaymakerthompson said...

Let the season begin I am loving see all the haloween stuff pop up on blogs what cuties !!

Artistic Diva said...

I wish I lived where you do. Here in Austin, Tx it was 80 degrees at 8am and will be over 100 degrees later today. I will be extremely happy when I begin to see some cooler temperatures here. Somehow, it still seems like summer here.
Glad you are getting in the mood for fall and fall events.