June 21, 2011

home sweet home

our new home.
we moved in just a little over three weeks ago.
she's a 37' travel trailer.
on our way to being another family on the road.
we have business that will keep us in the
wilmington, nc area for a couple of years and then
we will be on the next big adventure.

moving in was really tough for me.
letting go of nearly everything was more difficult than
i would have ever imagined. there have been
a lot of adjustments and still more to come.
but i'm thrilled we did it.

thanks for continuing to follow my blog while i've
made this transition.
sUz :)


Cori Lynn Berg said...

I think it's amazing. It's hard to let go of belongings... but it can be so freeing as well! Proud of you!

umelecky said...

Sounds like an exciting adventure. Good luck to you!

Leanne E said...

Best wishes in your new home :)

Soggy Dog Studios said...

So thats why you were selling all your little noodle and lou's. I know how hard it is to do the moving thing. We have moved 4 times in two years... and we are doing it again. No we are not in Witness Protection, but we are trying to find out spot in the big earth. How exciting it must be for you and I love your new Roadtrip House. I am so glad you are back!!! I miss seeing your posts... And I think of you often as I still have my Scary Scully night light plugged in... and it's still a flickering!!! :) xoxoxo