February 2, 2011

noodle and lou lulettes for sale!

ready. breathe. okay. here we go.
some general info:
EVERYTHING is a signed and dated ORIGINAL work
of art by the uber fabulous, kind, talented, sweet
jeNn mCgLon of noodle and lou studio.
i have loved, cherished and adored these pieces on a little
shelf in my work space. really i have.
 or leave a comment here as they go to my
email if you are interested in purchasing or have questions.
go to my flickr page to see the pics in better detail.
i'll send you a paypal invoice. shipping will be combined
and won't be more than $6.00.
i will lovingly wrap your little treasures and send
them on their merry way on monday.
LOTS of hugs to you kind ones :):)
getting by with a little help from my friends :)
hopefully you'll see some of my originals again soon :)
xOx, sUz :)

for sale:

polka dot lulette dress "belle"
dated 2009
just shy of 3" tall

polka dot lulette dress  "the girl."
dated 2009
just shy of 3" tall

valentine lulette house "lovable"
dated 2009  #11
3 1/2" tall

lulette house assortment
8 pieces
all dated 2008
smallest is 1 1/2" tall
largest is 3 inches tall
#5 "belle" black polka dots
#18 "little"
#19 "imagine"
#23 "happy"
#26 "petite"
#27 "belle" pink
#46 "nest."
#48 "bien-aime"

sUz's shabby christmas lulette collection
16 pieces
3 trees, 1 snowman, 12 houses
all dated 2008
smallest is 3/4 " tall
largest is 3 1/4" tall
 on most of the bottoms jeNn has written "for sUz".
you can't see the bottoms :)
one house has "aah! surprise delight joy".
the house's back side is just as adorable :)

sUz's halloween village
13 pieces
all dated 2008
smallest is 3/4" tall
largest is 4 1/2" tall
on most of the bottoms jeNn has written "for sUz"
or some variation - rembember, you can't see the bottoms :)
 each is numbered 1-13.

halloween lulette house "eerie family"
dated 2009 for STJ (spookytime jingles)
4 1/4" tall

halloween lulette house "october 31"
dated 2008  #109
3 1/2" tall

mini halloween lulette assortment
3 pieces
houses are dated 2008
"boo" is #80 and 3" tall
"halloween" is #79 and 2 1/4" tall
little pumpkin "la citrouille"
is dated 2009 for STJ (spookytime jingles)
and is 1 1/2" tall including wire handle

original halloween mixed media painting
8 by 6 inches on canvas panel
signed and dated 2007
pictures are of front and back


noodle and lou said...

i'll take the polka dot dress if still available sUz! :) xoxox

sUz said...

thank you jeNn :):):) xOx