February 1, 2011

i'm here

hi guys, i'm still kickin'.
january was a real doozy.
anyway. i'm slowly feeling better and coming
back to myself :)

i'm sad to announce that i will be selling a big
part of my noodle and lou lulette collection.
they are originals signed by jeNn. i'll have some
individual houses and a set of halloween
and a set of christmas. i'm hoping to get some pics
up soon. it will be your chance to grab up some
fabulous pieces :)

sometimes life just knocks the wind out of me.
i'm grateful for what i do have with there being so many others
with so much less.

i am feeling better. now if i can stay up past 9:00 pm
i might actually be able to start making things again :)

thanks for your kindness and support.
sUz :)


Gourdqueen said...

Glad you a feeling better Suz! Hate that you are having to sell some of your collection. Let me know when you get pics, I might be interested.

Kim Wagner said...

Oh sUz,
I'm so sorry that you were a bit down, but very happy to hear that you're feeling better. I missed you on STJ. I LOVE your art and all the creativity just pulsing through those fingers! I'm also bummed that you might have to sell some of Jenn's work. She does some sweet things. Please let me know when you decide to post pics.
Hurry back to STJ...miss you!
Your friend, Kim

Leanne E said...

Hi Suz. Sorry to hear that you have been heavy hearted. I am also sorry to hear that you need to sell off some of your treasures :( I am sure they will find a good home as she makes sweet things too. I am sure some other treasures will make their way into your heart when the situation is right. Sending you sunshine :)

Flora said...

sUz, I didn't know you were having
hard times, sending prayers for better brighter days with many hugs and blessings .I love Jenn's little houses and might be interested in some.

Brandi McKenna said...

So sorry to hear this Suz,...keep your chin up girl sprin is almost here! better times are on the way!! You and your art bring so much cheer into the world!! Take care,...xoxox