November 3, 2010

tUmbLe dRy lOw?

eLijAh REALLY wanted to help with the laundry.
he started pulling out clothes to put in the basket.
the next thing i knew he was in the dryer.
the mind of a 3 year old.
he did get all the clothes out though.

i wish i could say i have been busy working on
fun projects but i haven't. i have several things
in the works but because of medication changes i can't
seem to pull it together enough to finish them.
it's still early enough in the evening and i haven't changed into a 
pumpkin, so i think some
christmas music is in order.
maybe some playing too :)

sUz :)


RosesRadishesandRubbish said...


Elijah is just too,too cute.:) What a sweetie.:) Isn't this a great age?? What a great helper you have. I hope you feeling 100% very soon. Love and prayers..xxooo Amy

Jennifer DeDonato said...

oh goodness he is cute. i just think is smile is the best. btw can we swap washer and drier? i want yours!!