November 14, 2010

sUndAy niGht bLahs reMeDy

i get the sunday night blahs. they start around 3:00-4:00 in the
afternoon and last most of the evening.
to make me feel better i peruse etsy shops.
this one cured them right away!

all images used with permission

i am totally smitten with these charming teacups :)

i squealed with delight when i saw this pear!

 jOy uses ferns she finds while walking her dogs to
 make the impressions :)

 and these heart ornaments you can leave up for
valentines day too!

hope jOy's ADORABLE work cures your
blahs too :)
visit her shop here, to see more, more, more!!
xOx, sUz :)

1 comment:

Louise Gale said...

Oh waht lovely finds. Adore the heart ornaments and those teapots are to die for. Soooo super cute.