October 24, 2010

catChiNg up...

is what i'm feeling right now.
so happy to be back in with the world after
the yucky computer crash.

the above mixed media collage is now on eBay.
you can view it here :)

even though halloween is just a week away
my mind is in full blown christmas mode.
i always have holiday music in my
playlists but now i've switched to
all christmas while i work.
right now charlie brown christmas is playing.

i do have a dozen or so halloween and fall
treats that will be making their way into the
shop tonight, if i don't fall asleep first :)
i also will be slowly adding christmas goodies too.

as many of you know i'm bipolar. while i try not to
let it define me it certainly is a big deal in my life right now
as i'm going through another medication change.
isAac and i keep a sense of humor about it.
today i was experiencing some mild hallucinations.
we agreed that people pay big money for that,
then it occurred to us that we do too!

well enough crazy talk.
hoping you have a wonderful week.
i'll be sure to post pics of the new shop items :)

sUz :)

1 comment:

Jennifer DeDonato said...

So loving your new work...super cute. I saw it on your Flickr page and commented.

Medication change is always a tricky thing I know from my son. He has Autism and takes medication because he suffers from depression. I am so thankful that we live in an age where we have meds to help us. Take care and keep up the great work.