September 21, 2010

pLayiNg aRoUnd

sometimes i need a creative break.
to "fill the well" i have to play.
my manic mind REALLY wanted to make
some BIG things. so, it came up with
these yard/planter stakes.
and these super primitive halloween shakers 
were fun to do too :) 
i'm off to goof around a bit more :)
xOx, sUz :)


Soggy Dog Studios said...

OMG....SuZ - Sooo Spooky Cute!!!! Love it!!!! xoxoxo - Kim

Lance said...

Suz I know what you mean about wanting to create something big! I don't know why but I'm the same way. I guess it gives us a break from the smaller stuff but allows us to continue being creative. Anyway, have fun!!