August 5, 2010

we'Re mOviNg, agAin!

we are busy packing and getting ready for
our move to the asheville, nc area.
we are SO excited that isAac will no
longer have to make the two hour commute and
will be home for eLijAh's bedtime.
not thrilled that we have to move again
since we just moved to this place only three
months ago, but we think we will be
in our new house for a while, whew!

i have A LOT to finish since this move is
happening so fast!
i'll be back once we get there and have
internet connection again!

xOx sUz :)


Diane Duda said...

hope the move goes smoothly. looking forward to seeing the new house. :)


Renee said...

Asheville is absolutely lovely and should provide much inspriation for you...congratulations!

Sweet B Folk Art said...

Happy moving - hopefully your new place will be home for a long time - or at least a year - he he

- Cute website Suz!