June 24, 2010

my naMe is mUd

it's been HOT here in the nc mountains.
we get little breaks when thunderstorms pop
up. this particular downpour was HEAVY and
filled our neighbor's landscaping holes.
what can i say, eLijAh couldn't resist.

speaking of downpours, life has been one lately.
things are looking up but another move may be
on the horizon. sometimes it's hard to
roll with the punches.

i haven't had much time in my workroom.
with isAac being gone most of the week now, the
little guy wears me out! he is a good egg for
sure though, we got lucky :)

hope you are well and haven't melted :):):)

sUz :)


Jennifer DeDonato said...

He looks so cute! Playing in puddles was always fun for my boys...the bigger the better. Great photos! He is getting SO big!!

JMember said...

It's funny when we are kids playing around. When growing up we experiment new things, and bad things are included there, making life harder >.<. But anyways, it makes me happy to see someone happy :)

Good luck; keep up the good work! :)

Anonymous said...

Waaaaay to cute!! What is it with mud and boys???? Elma

Krissysart said...

Hello sweet friend! I haven't visited in sooooo long and I can't wait to pop over to your etsy site to see what you have for grabs. Hope all is well! Your little one is getting so big!!

RosesRadishesandRubbish said...

OH my Goodness Suz, These pictures are so precious and make me a little teary eyed as our guys are getting so big. He reminds me so much of Ethan, I bet they would be fast friends! Elijah is beyond adorable and what a great smile he has. Ethan enjoyed seeing these pictures and asked me, "what is he doing??" . The bubble lawn mower is one of Ethan's favorite toys as well. I don't think Ethan has EVER been that creative with it. Go Elijah!!!:) I know what you mean Suz about not getting much done. It is hard at this age. They are so much fun though. Hugs to you!! xxoo