May 17, 2010

neW shOp gOoDies aRe heRe!

hello friends :)

i snuck over to my poor neglected etsy shop
and listed these new goodies:
there are more treats in the works too :)

we are settling in our new place. i know we are
getting comfortable when it's time to clean already!

wishing you a calm and productive day :)

sUz :)


Louise Gale said...

oooh gorgeous, loving the hearts and colors.... :-)

lori vliegen said...

your artwork always says "happy, happy, happy"!!! i'm glad you're getting settled in your new place.....i've been in my new house for almost a year now, and i'm still trying to get closets organized....yikes!! :))

Jennifer DeDonato said...

yay for settling...nothing is worse then trying to work on artwork when everything is nuts around you.

Julie Bagamary said...

LOVE your work!
The patriotic earrings are great!