April 12, 2010

spOoKytiMe jiNgLes miDniGht toNight!


wOw another week flew by!
my in-laws showed up on our doorstep on
tuesday unannounced! not a problem but to say
the house was a wreck is a GROSS understatement!
the visit went well; they had a ball with eLijAh :)

spOoKytiMe jiNgLes updates tonight at midnight - hOorAy!
i'm SO excited to see all the new treats :)
my offerings are a bit slim this month but i have
been working behind the scenes on pieces for the
National Halloween Convention at the end of the month :)

it seems i've been making BIG mistakes these last
couple of weeks. UGH! still sorting things out;
i hate it when i make things hard on myself.

iSaAc is still job searching. one thing is clear though, we
won't be in this house this time next year. i hate to even think
about moving again; it seems to get harder and harder.

wishing you a wonderful week; it actually feels like
spring here. aahh...
time for a little lunch and then a playdate at the
park. it's a good day :)

sUz :)