March 22, 2010

moRe snOw

isAac snapped this after dinner tonight.
sweet deer in the fresh snow.
happy monday
sUz :)


Jennifer MacNeill-Traylor said...

Beautiful! I just love seeing deer:)

rachel awes said...

i love your very happy blog & am very happy to find & follow! i too looove deer sighting & also colorful creation sightings/what you are making is so yummy & enchanting. lol.

RosesRadishesandRubbish said...

Oh, just beautiful.:)

lori vliegen said...

how gorgeous....and so peaceful!! :))

MyPinkTurtle said...

Bonjour Suz! So happy to see you have come for a visit! Hey, I snapped a picture of deers too yesterday, they seem to be thawing with this early spring, we see them everywhere! Thanks for your sweet comments about my wood pendants! Your latest creations are incredible! Take care, LuLu

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