February 27, 2010

shOp tReAts

wOw! it's been a while friends hasn't it?
lots to share with you but first here are my
latest shop offerings:

i definitely have spring on my mind :)
i had A LOT of fun piecing together the
"welcome home" collage. It was really comforting
actually. The tire swing gets me :)
i've been a creative maniac! i have LOTS of pieces
started but only a few things completed. It seems that
when i start working on one piece another idea pops in
and i start another project. My project room is a TOTAL
disaster and my little work space is getting smaller and
smaller. I'm gonna have to reorganize soon :)
i'm SUPER busy getting things made for the
National Halloween Convention at the end of april.
i'm THRILLED that my little cat nightlight made it
to their homepage, what an honor!
keeping my head up as my little family struggles
making ends meet. i don't want to dwell on that.
i am grateful for so much but it wouldn't hurt
to win the lottery either :)
i think i would completely shut down if i didn't have
my art. i've already closed myself off from people
i love, i can't imagine being even more
closed in.
okay enough heaviness, whew!
i recently swapped with another artist and i can't
wait to show you the pictures!!! i think i got the better
end of the deal - wait 'til you see!
i've also got some eLijAh pics with his little friend at
their playdate this afternoon :)
i'm working on a few more shop treats in between
halloween pieces. oh that reminds me, i'm also working on
a special treat for the march 31 EHAG Emporium.
okay, that gets you a little caught up with my
crazy world :)
sUz :)


sara's art house said...

I absolutely love your art!!!! Everything is so, so cute! Keep up the great work.

Jackie said...

Stay strong honey...sorry for your struggles :( Keep doing FABULOUS art and things will get better and HOLY cow your art looks great on the home page, CONGRATS!! Thanks again for my goodies, I treasure them and each time I look at them, they make me smile:)