December 30, 2009

oh, deeR...

meet daiSy lOu's new friend:

i feel like i've interrupted something :)
Hope you are having a great night.
I'm off to play with some new ideas
and swoon, new paper!
sUz :)


Robin Armstrong Seeber said...

way too adorable...omg.. and I love new paper!

Suzie said...

LOL! Your dog is giving you "the look" to be left alone, isn't she? Too cute!!

Suzanne, thanks so much for the necklace that I won on STJ! I did get in time for our family celebration and it looked adorable on against my black turtleneck sweater!

I posted photos of it on my blog, along with bragging rights, and a link to your blog :-)

Wishing you and your loved ones a very joyous year!