November 28, 2009

tHe LittLe tRee LigHter

my eLijAh eLf,
helping to light the tree...

a funky little present ornie, brooch or magnet
available in my etsy shop:

My bipolar disease has reared its ugly head again.
I'm on the tail-end ( I hope, I hope) of
a nasty depressive episode.
I'm actually leaving the house,
showering, emailing (and blogging)
and packaging things to get
ready for mailing that are LONG overdue.
HUGE apologies to those that have
been waiting, and waiting!!!

It felt great to pick out our little tree at
the tree farm.
I even made my first ever wreath with
the cuttings that came from it!
eLijAh and I lit the tree
on Thanksgiving evening while
the rain mixed with fat snow flakes fell.
Pure magic.
I'm enjoying unpacking all
my little christmas treats and treasures
that have been packed away.
It's good to see old friends :)
My 36th birthday was friday.
Instead of a cake, we drove an hour so
I could have a half dozen
HOT Krispy Kreme doughnuts.
yUmM, yUmM, yUmM!!!
I hope you had a wonderful
I'm thankful for you taking
the time to peek in on me :)
sUz :)


Cori Lynn Berg said...

Happy birthday, Suz! Glad you're coming out of this depressive episode in time for the holidays!

Ginny Diezel said...

I love the pics! It is so much fun to see your work and to read your blog! I just love it! xoxo G.