October 2, 2009

seeiNg stArs

eLijAh and I played with some play-doh tonight.
We made a truck load of stars.
How great would it be to
find these on your doorstep?
Yeah, you wouldn't get much sleep from
all the light, and it would be a little warm,
but if stars possess the magic to
make wishes come true
then what a welcome sight they would be :)
Hoping all your wishes come true...
sUz :)


Diane Duda said...

a truckload of stars!!!!!!!!! :)

Jackie said...

Love the creativity!! Just stopped by to tell you I love your STJ offerings....just lovely :) Enjoy your day. jackie

Pocket Full of Prettys said...

Can see that you really enjoy your time with Elijah! What treasured memories! Saw the photos of brownie night too cute! Hugs***Renea