September 19, 2009

cOffee fiLters

hello, how are your spending your saturday evening?
eLijAh and I made coffee filter people!
After we played he
smashed and threw them.
What a boy :)
Apparently he likes blondes because
he handed me the yellow crayon to
draw her hair.

I was happy to keep him occupied for a little
while. His two year old molars are
coming in and the poor fellow is
having a terrible time :(
I'm going to add a couple of things to the
shop tonight and then I'm off to bed. I've had
way too many late nights latelyso I need
to catch up on some sleep.
night, night,
sUz :)


Soggy Dog said...

Ohh - designer coffee filters!!! Love it!
:) Your little man is aDoRaBle!!!! Hope his teeth feel better! :) - Kim

Soggy Dog said...

Hey - also meant to say I LOVE your new Banner!
I am so in the Halloween Spirit too!!!!!!!!!

Shes Off Her Rocker said...

So cute SUZ...I love doing silly things like this with my kids! They ALL were painting in their highchairs as tots, too! Too much fun!