August 4, 2009

cLoUd peNdaNt giVeAwAy

hi again!
it's time for a
In celebration of
my new line of
pendants I'm offering
one to you!
A sweetly smiling cloud.
Just leave one of your
sweet comments on
this post and I'll use
the random number
generator on
weDneSdAy aUgUst 12th
to pick a winner.

gOoD LuCk!
I'm so excited!!!
your friend,
sUz :)


Elma said...

Oh I just love it!! Will you be making more of the bells and other ornaments that you had on stj?

Adriana Whitney said...

Mi teacher used to tell me that I was always in the clouds so I think I am a perfect match :D
Thank you for the giveaway!

Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

how flipping cute is that..yes, please add me to the hat..I too am having a giveaway..:)

Tamara Dozier said...

What a charming pendant. I really need to offer a give-away on my blog. (wanders off putting thinking cap on)

Soggy Dog said...

Very Very Cute Suz!
And you know how I love rainy cloudy days!!!!!!!!!
But, I wish you nothing but sun on your trip to the beach! Have Fun! :) - Kim

Emily said...

Very cute! And I love your Halloween items, I'm ready for that time of year!

robin_titan said...

Ahhhh!! It's freakin' adorable!! You are beyond talented :)


Jackeline R. said...

How cuuute! I hope I'm lucky enough to win it, I'd wear it everywhere! :)