July 1, 2009

weDneSdAy, sO sOon?

This week is flying by and it can't be, I have too much to do!
I have deadlines to meet, office work to do,
and a house to clean. The in-laws are coming!
So, I weighed myself today, this will be my 4th week,
anyway, 234. Something clearly is not
working if the number on the scale keeps
going up. I think not feeling well
has contributed - no excercise and
lots of comfort food. I am happy to
report that I am feeling a bit better
today - hoOrAy!
Thank you all so much for your
comments of support :)
This past sunday we took a drive into the
Pisgah National Forest (it's about 20 minutes
from the house) and had a picnic/cookout near
and in eLijAh's case in, Wilson Creek.
The streams begin at the top of
Grandfather Mountain and
converge in the forest as Wilson Creek.
Thus the small water falls and huge boulders.
Here are some pics:

trying to catch crayfish

enjoying a burger
by the way, look at those
scraped knees! I guess I had
better start getting used to it.
As I mentioned I'm just crazy busy, but I do have
some works in progress that I'll share
with you next time. Plus a few other
fun photos too.
Hope you are having a great week!
iN jOy,

1 comment:

Soggy Dog said...

ohhhh Suz, the crayfish or what we called "crawdads" bring back such memories!!! I grew up in North Georgia, we had a creek at the bottom of our hill... there we would hunt for crawdads and search for salamanders.... To be a kid again... Lovely pictures! - Kim