July 30, 2009


Yes I'm here.
I feel like
help! I can't keep up
with my life!
Okay, all better now :)
I have been SUPER busy
of which I am grateful but
it's hard to keep up sometimes.
And this past week was one
of those times.
I was able to get a few funky grumpy skellys
made for the shop plus two little pins:

There's a ring, a pin, a set of earrings, AND a PENDANT!
I am SO excited to offer pendants!
There are more in the works - a bumble bee
and a jack-0-lantern, and one I'm finishing
up for a GIVEAWAY!
More details on that soon!
Hope you've had a great week so far,
tomorrow is friday? I can't believe it!
Thanks for peeking in on me :)
your friend,


Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

I love your jewelry..very whimsical and brings a smile to my face.. I love them..:) have a great weekend.:>)

RosesRadishesandRubbish said...

Hey Suz,

I think of you and little guy daily AND I am sure that part of your business is chasing Elijah around?? I am so tired all the time trying to keep up...I LOVE your jewelry and am so glad you are able to keep up and create.:) lotsa hugs, Amy

Soggy Dog said...

Suz, I hear ya girl.... I've screamed a lot this week!!!!!!!!! I love your little skullies!!!!!!!!!!! I am going to have to get some of those before Halloween! Hope you are doing well.... When life bites you in the bum... bite back! :) - Kim