July 16, 2009

faLLiNg beHiNd

Do you ever feel like life is blowing by and you can't keep up?
That's how I feel lately.
I didn't forget "weigh-in wednesday" last
week, I just didn't really want to post
that I had GAINED another four
pounds - 236!!! Anyway, I gave
myself a little pep talk this week and
lost four pounds. Gotta
keep on keepin' on!
Thanks for all of the spOoKytiMe jiNgLe love
last post; I really enjoyed making things
for the anniversary update as well as for
the aspca. I'm considering finding
a local charity so that I can give back
a little something each month.
I have to do some thinking on this one.
This week I'm working on a few pieces
for the etsy shop. I've been so focused
on STJ that my little shop has been neglected :(
I let you know when I update - I'm shooting
for late this weekend.
until later,