June 3, 2009


The scale read 231 again.
I really goofed off this week (only one day of excercise) so I'm not too surprised at all.
The number just reminds me to pay attention and make myself a priority.

I'm working on my little spot for the sPoOkytiMe jiNgLes ad in the upcoming
Somerset Studios Holiday Celebrations issue, due out in Sept. I think this
is the finished product. I can't quite get the dimensions right but I'm keeping
my fingers crossed that it will work.

Well, that's it for now. I'm just SO far BEHIND in EVERYTHING right now. It just feels heavy so I hope to get semi caught up soon. I really could use about 6 more hours a day :)

I've got some things in the works for my shop - more earrings - I just love making them. Plus some things started for the next sPoOkytiMe jiNgLes update in ten days. Did I mention that I'm behind? yiKes!

Okay, off to do some dreaded office work - my husband won't put anything on the desk since my to do stack has become a "teetering death trap" :)

iN jOy,



Soggy Dog said...

You'll get there Suz - Don't be hard on yourself! I blew it this week too...especially today! It must be the heat! Congrats on your the ad you are working on! That is exciting! :) - Kim

ellie said...

oh my gosh, i love it! great job.
biggest thing to remember with the whole weight loss thing, or anything for that matter, is focus on what you WANT not on what you DON'T want. if you have to weigh yourself, do. if not, don't.
feel joyful and you will find balance.
love you

Lisa Nelson's Art, Bucks County Designs said...

It's probably just water, don't let it get to you.

I'm having issues with my ad spot too and am now working on a new painting so I have something to send Dani that has a high resolution AND is the right size. If you think you're behind, you should see my studio!

Have a creative and productive day!!

RosesRadishesandRubbish said...


I am going through the same thing...this week was bad for me too. I am only down about 2 lbs in 2 months. Some days I am so depressed. But, at least it's not 2 lbs more, it feels good when I excersise and eat right...my goal is 40 pounds... I think you are doing great and so appreciate you sharing your journey as now I feel like I am not alone out there!!:) Lotsa hugs and encouragement sent your way, Amy

Victorian Lady said...

Suz! :)
I don't know what your strategy is, BUT I've been working on this April 1st, down 14 lbs, just by counting calories and exercising. The part that keeps me from going off track is every 4th day taking a day "off." Meaning I can give in to whatever craving I've been having. I find though, that I don't want to mess anything up so when I have it, I have a single serving size and that's it. It satisfies my craving and I don't feel deprived. When I started, I did every 3rd day off, but 4 is faster. :) It also helps you from plateauing.

As for exercise, I read that cardio first and then weights burns the most calories. The cardio puts fat cells in the muscles and then when you use the muscles, it burns it up! :)

Bodies in Motion is an awesome exercise show to tivo...he is SUPER cute and he kicks my butt too! He has a sculpting class. Allstar Workouts gives you lots of variety. I also use the wii and biggest loser fitness book. The girls do it with me too. :) Make sure to eat some protein after you exercise...the more muscle you have, the more you'll burn. Oh and hike! That's what I did for mother's day...we have to drive to get in any decent weather, and it helped me go down 3lbs...and was pretty satisfying too! :)

For fantastic motivation, look up antishay on youtube...she is so cool! Just start from the beginning...she's doing basically the same thing, but doesn't take days off.

Skinny cow ice cream sandwiches and laughing cow cheese ROCK, and are so low cal.

I'm sure you know all this stuff, just wanted to pass on what's been working for me. If you ever wanna chat, let me know...I'm sure my husband's ear could use a rest! :)

Now go kick some butt! :)