June 17, 2009


That's what the scale read this morning.
No more no less this week.
I'm disappointed but I
didn't exactly exercise as much as
I would have liked. I really think
that makes a huge difference.
Okay, sorry for the quickie but I HAVE to do
a few things before Top Chef Masters.
iN jOy,


Soggy Dog said...

My son and I were weighing various fruits today in the supermarket - I want to loose about two cantalopes, a watermelon, a dozen apples and two kiwis. It's amazing what 5 pounds feels like when you hold it in your hand..... Starting my Wii Fit routine tomorrow. Hang in there Suz! :)

Brandi McKenna said...

You can do it Suz! Remember a pound a week is about right for permanent, long term weight loss. If you are working out hard you can loose more. 13 YEARS ago, I was 23, I had blown up to 190 after gall bladder surgey, I lost 50 pounds in one year. I have kept it off ever since...That's about a pound, a week. I walked/ran then only ran three miles a day and also was riding my horse everyday. And that was in the "low fat" days...and I was a vegetarian...a carb heavy diet, which reinforces my idea that its more about the excersize, and just eating REAL foods, ie, perimeter of the grocery store. YOU can DO IT!!!Be patient!

snippetgirl said...

I know you can do it, Suz!!!! It's like everything else....baby steps...day by day.
I watched Top Chef Masters too! Love that show. I can't wait for the next regular Top Chef.
Have a wonderful day!!!

Heather said...

I know how you feel! I've been trying to jog my butt off all summer (well, since may, hahaha) but the scale doesnt seem to notice. Bah!~
Keep it up though and you will see- and FEEL results!~

Kristen Beason Designs said...

Hey Suz,
We need to start a Top Chef "pick your winner" on Wednesday nights before the show. I'm going with Rick Bayless for next week :)