May 19, 2009

i jUst cOuLdn't wAit!

oKay, I couldn't wait.
I had to go ahead and put these items in my shop!
I just don't think I can commit to a regular day to update.
So I'll let you know a day or two in advance as things
get ready. I hope that will work :)
orange creamsicle drop earrrings

big green nose jack in the moon ornament

swirl nosed jack pin

#5 in my neighborhood series

mini christmas tree ornament trio with paper cut outs

That's it this time. I've got some ideas brewing but tonight
I need to work on a papier maching - I've just been working with itty bitty
scraps lately - I've put it off long enough!
Have a goodnight!
iN jOy,


Jenn said...

oh how I love them ALL you wonderful decoupager you!
Your garden sounds like it is coming along so great:) Our online
farming has been a super inspiration I'm sure;) heeehee!


snippetgirl said...

Such precious little treasures!! Love those earrings.
Have a wonderful day~~
Hugs, Carrie

Melissa the Holiday Queen said...

Hooray for Halloween goodies! Your pieces are over the top cute!!