May 19, 2009


I had a revelation today. What I make is actually considered decoupage. Sure I papier mache the sheets I cut from, but the definition of decoupage is "the creative art of assembling, pasting and varnishing paper cut outs". Voila! That's me! I'm not a fan of labels (I find them limiting) but it sure is nice to have a general answer when someone asks me what I do - I decoupage!!!
I've been tagged by the fabulous liSa neLson to list six things that make me happy:
1. eLijAh
2. isAac
3. my friends
4. other people's art
5. diet dr. pepper
6. playing with paper
and, for good measure
7. flowers
8. halloween
9. christmas
I've finished a few pieces - mostly halloween. I'm having a hard time waiting for sunday's shop update. I might have to at least post a few peek pics.
We were able to plant most of the garden yesterday. Just in time for a frost warning - yikes! At ten o'clock last night iSaAc was out covering my tomatoes - he's so great :) The squashes, cucumbers and melons will all go in today or tomorrow, or whenever I feel a bit better. Not feeling so hot, I'm hoping whatever it is decides to leave soon - I've got things to do - doesn't my body know this? Of course I realize that it's just its way of telling me to slow down.
Hope you are having a good start to your week!
iN jOy,


Tumbleweed Trails said...

Ah, now I understand. (Yes, I am always this slow, but shh, don't tell anyone). Thanks for sharing the information on what you "do" It's all so great, love all of my treasures from you.

readingsully2 said...

This is beautiful. I used to decoupage wood purses years and years ago. :)

Cori Lynn Berg said...

Hope you're feeling better, Suz! Yes, I know it's hard to define your work when you are an artist. Doesn't seem to have the weight when you say "I dabble" or "I play." But cool, glad you found a way to put into words the delightful work you do!

snippetgirl said...

It really IS nice to have a definite word to describe what you do. I struggle with that constantly. I always get tongue tied when trying to describe my work.
Looking forward to your shop update!!

ellie said...

Decoupage is only a small bit of what you do! You bring so much to your art. You are a designer and a collagist (I still say this is a word) and a doll maker and a papier macher.
Feel better.

ellie said...

ps- I always thought your banner was a happy little flower...I never would have thought a cloud. I wonder how much of that is perspective...

Mary Wadsworth said...

I call it delightful,joyful...! Your work always makes me smile:) I hope you are felling better soon.

henzy said...

wow..that is very nice.