May 12, 2009


I'm waiting for the sPoOkytiMe jiNgLes update and
thought I'd share these pics with you :)
dAiSy lOu wasn't too sure about eLijAh at first but now
they are getting along famously! Here they are
getting chummy (notice he's wearing his bulldog jammies):

I'll post pics of my sPoOkytiMe jiNgLes offerings tomorrow
after the site updates (but if you are really curious you can look at my flickr).
Have great night!
iN jOy,


readingsully2 said...

What adorable pictures!

Mary Wadsworth said...

Aw, so cute!

Brandi McKenna said...

Oh man, which one is cuter??? well, the baby of course but I love a big old bull dog!

Soggy Dog said...

Oh they both are adorable!!!!!

ellie said...

Really cute! Especially the last one!