April 20, 2009


Just buzzing by. We got back late last night from WV and now I'm headed out to Durham to see my mOm and stepdad. He's really going downhill fast so it's time to make the trip.
Hope everyone is well. I'm working on getting a few things listed from the Halloween Convention in the new
before we leave again. Lots to do. I've got laundry going and after eLijAh's nap we're headed to the post office and to pick up a few things before our trip. Whew!
Have a good week!
iN jOy,


Chrissie Grace said...

Hi Suz
Have a safe trip!
I love the rings below and the umbrella piece, oh, and the Halloween dress. They are all great:)
Chrissie Grace

bLu eYd YoGi said...

hey Suz! i heard something good today: There are no shortcuts to any place WORTH going! pretty smart, eh? i liked it!