April 11, 2009

a nOt sO hApPy eaSter?

Okay, here's the story:
So I'm in WalMart yesterday picking up a few things like dog food and toothpaste when there's an announcement overhead saying that the easter bunny is over in the one hour photo dept if you want a free picture taken with her. So I decide to take advantage of this. It seems okay at first. eLijAh walks around her, pets her, and touches her ears. Then when I sit him on the bunny's lap the lip curls and the tears start. It took a few shots but this is what we came home with. Sorry little one. So this is me with the easter bunny probably close to eLijAh's age. According to my mother, I too was not a fan of the easter bunny. At least I don't look quite so traumatized. Look how sweet she is!

I'm busy finishing up a few pieces for the spOoKytiMe jiNgLes update on monday, as well as few treats for my shop. I'll be back tomorrow to show you pics.

haPpy eaSter sAtuRdAy!

iN jOy,


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