April 10, 2009

haLLOWeen cOnVeNtiOn, pLus...

Today is the start of the
National Halloween Convention!
sPoOkytiMe jiNgLes is there with tons of
amazing work. Send good thoughts for daNi and
her helpers that are working so hard for the group.
And a good thought about a successful showing
wouldn't hurt either!
Here are a few of my things that will be there:

black cat doll "eLmiRa"

skellie dangle earrings

bat ornament

star ornament

box lid cupcake wallhanging
In other news, my mom-in-law is responding to therapy really well.
It looks like she'll move out of the in-patient facility in a few days and will continue out-patient work once she's home. We'll head back up next weekend once she's home to help out.
Thanks for all of your good thoughts :)
Thanks for the positive response to my new banner - I just love this happy little cloud :)
Hope today is a good friday for you.
iN jOy,


Ginny Diezel said...

Love your goodies! They are wonderful!

Mary Wadsworth said...

Love, love, love the cupcake collage and star!!!

Wishing you lots of sucsess at the event, and healing for your mother-in-law.:)