March 27, 2009

we hAve a wiNneR!

and the winner is:
(for more about saRa and her fabulous work visit here)
I'll be sending this sweet one to you!
Thanks to all of you who commented on my
happy spring post :)

Okay so I have been REALLY busy this week.
One of things I've finished up - just in time
for tomorrow's event - is this house wall hanging (click on pics for more detail).
It's a raffle prize to benefit the Children's Playhouse here in Boone, NC. Saturday is their annual
consignment sale and baby fair. I've got a small table to set up early
tomorrow morning to display a few of my things. I figured it was a good
way to introduce myself to the local community. So anyway, tonight I'll
be burning the midnight oil to get a few more things finished. Sometimes
being bi-polar is a good thing :)

Wishing you a wonderful weekend! I'll be back Sunday to show
you my new shop items - yiPpee!
iN jOy,


Soggy Dog said...

Good luck in Boone!!! love the house! don't work too hard... Get some sleep!!! :) kim

ButterCup said...

Yeyyyy, Thank you! I'm excited.
It's my first time winning in a giveaway. :)
I feel lucky.

Tammy said...

sUz, I am sorry that I missed the giveaway and the benefit. Hopefully the weather didn't keep people from coming out.

Glad to see you back and creating such great stuff. Loving the house.

Gifts of Creation said...

I love your artwork!! Your stuff is so cute! I recently got into mixed media and I am exploring it right now. I am adding you to my favorite blog list on my blog!!